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Need to get pretty in a wink? Don't stress! Our talented team of Beauty Artists will have you looking your best.


Feeling prima donna or pin up? We've got you covered with custom lashes. Whether you're looking for individual lashes, clusters, or strips, our trained experts know how to put them in the right place. So, sit back, relax and you'll have perfect lashes in a flash.

Enhances the length, thickness and fullness of natural eyelashes.Consist of silk, mink, or synthetic hair.


Look natural - bve beautiful all day and all night- No pain


about mee.

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Vietnamese make up artist Professional Make up from 2012

| Eyeslash Extention | Tattoo Permanent | Weddings, Music Videos, MTV Music Video Awards

Here I am in Davis to do my beautiful job.
The day is finally here!
Get the best professional lashes and makeup in Davis, Sacramento,... CA.

Enjoy the celebrity experience without the price tag with an affordable price.

My service is meticulously selected to guarantee consistent, high-quality results and a superior experience with every appointment. 
What are you waiting for?

Your personal Lee Mee Artist is only a click away!

about LEE MEE 'S lashes extensions.

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We are the only eyelash extension salon trained and focused on the health of your natural lash.

Using the largest inventory of the highest quality lashes we specialize in natural to dramatic lash designs while maintaining the health of your natural lash! 

Come feel OUR difference!Make every morning simpler to handle.

Eyelash extensions are going to save you time in the morning

No need to hassle with mascara, your eyelashes will definitely already look impressive, bursting, full and beautiful.

We have simply the absolute best eyelash extension professionals that are exceptionally trained and have applied thousands of eyelash sets all throughout the years.

If you are searching for the best lash extension artists in Davis just that. All of our lash artists are prescreened.

And we only have 3 artists here for total to keep the best quality of service.

Are you ready for your lashes to consistently look outstanding, without having the need for eye curlers? Are you wishing to appear spectacular without having eye makeup while at the same time customizing your appearance? Then you should give me a ring.


A fresh, full set of eyelash extensions can change your life! You’ll probably find yourself addicted after your first set, so it’s never too early to learn how to look after them. Here’s our top 7 recommendations:

  1. Avoid getting them wet for up to 48 hours after application.

  2. Do not rub or touch your eyes.

  3. Clean with eyelash foam cleanser every 3 days

  4. Brush through your eyelash tips in the morning

  5. Do not use oil based products around or on the eyes

  6. Do not sleep on your face

  7. Stay on top of your infills (recommended every 2 - 3 weeks)

How Do I Clean My Eyelash Extensions?

Using a soft bristle brush and specialist eyelash extension cleaning foam, clean approximately every 3 days. Getting into this habit removes traces of natural oils, dust and make-up. This prevents any build-ups causing pressure on your lashes and breaking down the bond. Ultimately, you need to clean clean clean to avoid premature lash shedding.

Avoid getting your lash extensions wet

You should try to avoid getting your new lashes wet within the first 48 hours. The water will react with the eyelash extension glue and cause a flash cure. This is a little like cooking a chicken from the outside in - cooked on the outside and frozen on the inside. Basically, water will cause the lash bond to become brittle and break.

After the 48 hour period, you’re safe to shower again. It’s a myth that you should never get your eyelash extensions wet once having a new set, in-fact quite the opposite!

Top tip: When showering, don’t position your head in the full strength of water flow. Let the water instead run down your face.

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Makeup Lee Mee

Tel: 530-760-6414 or 530-454-6268

Address: 1260 Lake Blvd , #259 Davis CA 95616

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Cancellation Policy

We value our guest(s) and their time.  Your appointments are very important to us; it is reserved especially for you. We understand that sometimes schedules adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request that you give us some notice to cancel your appointment or reschedule 24 hours before your appointment time.

Please understand that when you forget to cancel or reschedule your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time; clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services.  


•    Less than 24 hours notice will result in

$30 charge for full set appt.

$20 charge for fill set appt.
•    “NO SHOWS”  will be charged $15 of the reserved service  amount.